and why do we do what we do?

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Nature and natural ingredients enthusiasts

AYATANA is a company from Lesce in Gorenjska region of Slovenia, built by a team of lovers of kombucha, fermentation and good, especially local food.

Our main activity is the development and production of fermented products.

We started with fermented drinks and brewed our own kombucha, and then we were the first to present water kefir and kombucha shote to the Slovenian market.

A well-coordinated team of experts

All our products are the result of our in-house development and production by our team of experts, where we check every detail before the product reaches you.

We know from day one that our goals are the highest quality and sophisticated taste, constant development and quality control, no unnecessary additives and care for the environment and natural resources.

All processes are carefully supervised by a production manager and technologist, a PhD of biology who has been dedicated to fermentation for many years.

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Modern production line

In addition to our own production plant, located in the Lesce industrial zone, we also have a bottling plant, our own development, a warehouse and accessories for laboratory testing.

The capacity of our production allows us to develop and manufacture products for our own brand as well as for white or private label products.

Always local and seasonal

We mostly choose the flavors of our own drinks seasonally, as we believe that local and especially seasonal ingredients have a unique positive effect on the human body and well-being.

Among our seasonal products are water kefir (Summer Blossom - cherry and linden) and kombucha (Winter Spice with the taste of winter spices, Beach Please with the taste of mojito and Cold Brew kombucha with coffee).

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